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Facetime On Android – Download Here!

Hello! Probably you are looking for an application FaceTime, which will work on the system android!
As it happens I have found such an application (which is supposed to work). I invite you to read the whole article.
We adapted the FaceTime app on android. Share this page with your friends – let him enjoy at will!


How to install Facetime on android?

Open the FaceTime android app.
FaceTime feature will automatically register your phone number. To register as your e-mail on your Android, tap Settings> FaceTime> Use your number to launch FaceTime, and
then log on.
To register your e-mail on the facetime just click on Settings> FaceTime> Register.
To make a call using FaceTime on android, you need a phone number or registered e-mail address of the person you want to contact. You can initiate a connection in several ways:
In the application FaceTime, enter a phone number or e-mail address, and then tap the video call icon video calling application FaceTime call or audio icon audio calls FaceTime.
If the phone number or e-mail address are in your Contacts, you can enter the recipient’s name, and then tap the connection icon, video or audio connection.
Video call mode FaceTime, you can also start during a call on your iPhone. To do this, tap the FaceTime call.
Using Call Waiting in the case of voice calls FaceTime

Facetime on android – you can use the Call Waiting call during audio mode FaceTime. When you receive a second incoming call – call or another call audio mode FaceTime – you can
do the following:
1.End the current call and answer the new.
2.Answer the new call and put the current.
3.Reject the new connection.

How to install our Facetime on android app?

1. Click download – Download the application on the PC or laptop. (Or when viewing the site from a mobile phone to download the application directly to your mobile phone with
android system).
2. Unzip all the files – the folder should contain files – FaceTime android and folder resources.
3. Run FaceTime android.
4. The program will be installed automatically without your ingenercji.
5. You will be prompted to enter the email address you want to use in the application.
6. The program is ready to use – go to settings to change the settings.
7. Ready – your application FaceTime Android is ready for use now without restrictions, you can talk with your friends from all over the world!
Facetime application does not work on my android – what do you do?
Here are some tips to help cope with the problems with FaceTime on android.

Problems with facetime on android? We have solution!

1. I installed FaceTime application on android, but will not run.

Try to download the application again, you probably have an old non-functional version of the program.
We try to make the program was always available in the latest version!

2. The application jams, spontaneously reboots or stops working – how to prevent it?

To prevent jams FaceTime on android system, you must have the latest software android.
On older versions, you will experience stuttering applications and restart your phone! Before starting we recommend the application on android
check your software (whether it is upgraded to the latest version).

3. The program displays a message that the missing memory.

Delete unnecessary software from your mobile phone. Then restart your phone. If the message still be
the display must restart it again.
4. The program Facetime not want to get download.

Remember that many people at one time trying to get FaceTime on android. Probably the server you want to download the application is currently busy. Wait a day or two and try
to download the program again.

5. The download is very slow.

See number four. The program FaceTime on android does not take up much space so even with a very slow Internet connection should download in 5-10 minutes.

6. Trying to make a call by Facetime on android, but unfortunately I get the message “unable to DETERMINE internet connection.”

The program Facetime to work needs an internet connection, you have two options – the first is to connect to the Internet through a router WI FI,
the second option is the enable transmission data on your android. Remember that if your phone is not connected to the network WI FI is FaceTime will automatically try
use the transmission data to connect – it is important at the same time to have bought the right package Internet.

7. I’m on the FaceTime but the picture is blurred.

The quality of the image depends only on the technical of your mobile phone. Try to install the facetime on another phone
with this particular system. If the problem is resolved, this means that the fault lies with your cell.

8. During a call, FaceTime video or audio to stutter – what to do?

Your Internet connection is too slow, you can buy a better package Internet or connect to the network wi fi.
In some places, the quality of the phone connection to the Internet may be unsatisfactory.
9. My friend wanted to call me. I do not be got through – I have not received any calls.

Probably you not configured correctly FaceTime application on android. Uninstall and reinstall the steps given at the beginning of this entry.
Do not skip any step, otherwise the installation program is not successful. Also remember that your software was the android in the latest version.

10. Do you use FaceTime on android is safe?

Yes, the use of this application is 100% safe. The program does not have a virus and is updated several times per month.
11. Is a program that retrieves the needed updates?

Yes, the program FaceTime Android try to fetch all the necessary updates. When the program detects a new version of it on the screen of your mobile phone will display a
notification about the availability of a new update. There will be two options to choose from – “Yes, Download new version now” and “Please download new version later.”
If you choose the second option you can set when the program is re-ask for an update.
To make the program work without any major problems we recommend downloading an update as soon as possible!
12. My Anti Virus detects program FaceTime android as a threat – what should I do?

Antivirus often display false notifications about the danger, if this occurs, go to settings and add to antivirus program FaceTime android as an exception. Then restart your phone,
download the application once again and run it. After these activities the program should FaceTime android should be installed without problem.

13. On my phone application works without problems, but unfortunately on the phone my friend does not want to install.

It is possible that your friend is too old phone on older models of mobile application. FaceTime on android may not work properly. Unfortunately, this problem does not have any
other solution than to buy a newer model of the phone.
14. The program displays a message that the missing libraries needed for installation.

Download the program again, perhaps the download was not successful, or when moving the program AD telephone skipped one of the important files.
15. I have another problem that is not found an answer in the above responses.

Unfortunately, the program FaceTime on android does not always work the way you want. It should be noted that not all of the solutions are excellent. If your phone is any other
error than any of the listed here we recommend you to try each of the steps.

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Facetime on android – Download here!